Valuable information without expensive investments

Palsatech Oy (founded 2013) has developed a new and unique service concept. It helps you to do exploration in a cost effective way. Services have also been designed to serve the needs of the mining and construction industry. Data collection used to require expensive and risky investments, but now the situation has changed. Instead of investing in equipment and staff, invest your money in results. 

Wide range of services

You get high-quality know-how, research methods, facilities and equipment from the same place. 

Flexible service 

You get the service when you need it and as much as you need it. No need to order the whole package, specify your needs and make your project work.

Research and storage facilities in PalsaCenter

If your facilities are crowded or you don’t have any, we can help. Functional research facilities and flexible storage space are found in safe and guarded industrial area in Kemi. Samples can be transported to PalsaCenter cost-effectively even from longer distances using our logistical contract.


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