Hyperspectral imaging available in PalsaCenter


Palsatech and TerraCore have joined forces in order to offer the possibility to study core samples with modern hyperspectral imaging techniques.

‘We discussed with TerraCore and together decided to co-operate as this is a clear win-win situation for all. Meaning the two companies and all our clients. We already have a significant amount of drillcore in our storage facilities, which then can be easily transferred to our research facility to perform the imaging. First projects have already been done and hopefully there is a lot more to come. The technique has been known for a while and finally we have it available in Kemi. We think this will be a part of standard drill core logging procedure in the future’, says Hannu Ahola, Chief Geologist of Palsatech.


First drill core boxes being imaged in PalsaCenter with TerraCore’s SisuRock -device (VNIR-SWIR-LWIR-RGB)