Storage services to support mining and exploration operations

PalsaCenter was opened for customers in June 2016, in Veitsiluoto Kemi,  offering modern core  logging facilities (2 rooms with core tables) and storage space. Low-risk sample storage combined with the possibility to study the samples is one of the most popular services. Customers have the option to come and log the samples themselves or get it as a service from Palsatech.

“Sample storage means that the customers have no need to rent their own facilities for storage, we take care of them. Some of our clients have used the service in the initial stage when the running costs have to be kept low before the project has advanced to a higher level. There are also clients that use just our storage to be able to concentrate in more important tasks without worrying about the facilities and storage space”, says CEO Mika Alasuutari.

At the moment there are more than 2700 pallets of core, pulp and ampoule samples stored in PalsaCenter.