Ground magnetics in the field or geophysical measurements and HD photography using UAV’s

Take advantage of the exploration season effectively. Short or long term projects when you want them, without having to invest your staff's time and effort.

Our Geophysical services:

  • Ground magnetic measurements
  • UAV measurements (magnetic, ortophotos)
  • Ground penetrating radar surveys
  • Project consulting

Ground penetrating radar to help with geochemistry sampling

Palsatech Oy, in cooperation with Geofcon Oy, offer GPR-surveys (e.g. prestudies for geochemical sampling). During Winter 2015 a test project was conducted together with our client and based on the results the overburden bedrock interface could be recognized.


Cost-effective geophysics with UAV's

UAV survey costs are a fraction of what you pay for a manned airplane.
UAV's can easily map out areas with limited access. Service is great for wet or dense forest areas.

UAV case study

Radai Oy was a part of GTK's UAV-project and was responsible for the magnetic measurements. A full report of the test survey in Ryssänlampi area can be found here.



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