Geochemistry is a cost-effective way to do mineral exploration. New and old techniques are both used depending on the geological environment and target area. Careful planning and identification of the sampling material are key aspects in a successful geochemical survey. Palsatech can handle the whole project from planning to execution or you can choose any individual service to meet your needs.


Our Geochemical Services:

  • Conventional overburden geochemical surveys (light impact methods)
  • Selective leach surveys
  • Percussion drilling surveys (Cobra)
  • BOT-projects (planning, supervision, sample logging, reporting)
  • Heavy mineral surveys
  • Portable XRF-device rental
  • Consulting

Palsatech’s Heavy Mineral Method:

  1. Collection of 10-20 kg overburden samples (preferably till in Scandinavia)
  2. Pre-concentration with Knelson gravity concentrator
  3. Micropanning and microscopic analysis
  4. Result interpretation and reporting



      Heavy mineral samples are pre-concentrated with Knelson-device


     After micropanning the samples are studied with stereomicroscope


The heavy mineral method is proven to be a more sensitive and reliable method for analysing gold from overburden samples than conventional geochemistry. Palsatech’s method is capable of concentrating and studying the silt sized gold and PGM grains found in till samples.

Teemu Lundgren has done his Master Thesis on the characteristics of gold grains in till in Karasjok Greenstone Belt. You can find his Master Thesis here (in Finnish)



Gold grain size distribution in till samples in Karasjok Greenstone Belt (Teemu Lundgren 2015).

Understanding the anomalies is important for future exploration.

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