Plug the leaking drill holes in a cost-effective way.

Are there any problems with old drill holes leaking water into the mine? Do the open drill holes cause any problems during mining or blasting? Is it incuring too many costs to keep the drill rig waiting while the concreting? These problems are now solved.

The patented drill hole plug up to 100 meters in depth, without a drill rig.

Palsatech and partners have developed a new and unique method of plugging the old drill holes. The idea is a patented drill hole plug, which can be installed without a drill rig. After installation of the plug (max. 100m depth) the hole can be concreted to the desired depth.

We use a special concrete which clogs the rock crevices and open drill holes impermeably, and it dries quickly. The consumption is more manageable - you don't pay extra for truckloads of concrete.

Contact us and Palsatech does the concreting in a new and unique method. It is an effective way to improve mine's profitability and safety. Water will not go trough the drill holes.


Concreting steps:

  1. Equipment manufactured by Kati Oy can be moved to any location. The device operates with internal water circulation system. We also have equipment for operation in rough terrain.
  2. Drill hole positioning, photography and testing.
  3. Installing the drill hole plug (0-100 meters in depth). The drill hole plug takes up to 200 kg of weight.
  4. Making the special concrete and pumping it into the drill hole.
  5. Checking the drill hole, photography and testing.
  6. Reporting

 Contact person is Mika Alasuutari. Phone +358 40 514 4505 or email