Drill site service - easy and cost-effective drilling!

Would you like to execute your drilling program in a safe and easy way?

you have the opportunity to get valuable data without expensive investments. Palsatech's drill site service prepares, marks, measures and cleans the drill sites, and the drilling can be done by our partner Kati Oy. You'll be able to do exploration and drilling much easier and with less risk, while looking after the environment and people.

A new and unique service! The drill site preparation work and drilling now in one package from one supplier.

  • drill site preparation all year round
  • tree removal and the construction of routes
  • tree damage reporting and consultation with the landowners
  • drill hole location measuring and marking
  • clean-up and, for example, cutting the casings
  • drill core storage and transportation
  • diamond core drilling and hole deviation measurements by our partner Oy Kati Ab

Why does the professional service make the drilling easy, safe and fast ?

1. Routes are ready and durable

Drilling contractor only needs to arrive at the scene. Trees have been cleared at the drill site and routes are built for rigs. You can trust that the drill sites will certainly withstand the weight of the rigs, and in the winter time wet locations will be frozen. We have the safest solutions and tools!

2. The drill holes are marked

We always plan and build the best route for transporting the drill rig. The drill holes are positioned, orientated and marked on the field according to your drilling program.

3. Transportation and storage services

We can arrange a temporary storage for the core samples on site, from where you can move them to the logging facility the easiest way possible. Or, if you prefer, we can also take care of the transportation and have the samples pre-processed and ready at your table. No problem! Palsatech's customers can focus on the most important tasks, and they can trust that the work is done safely and with dedication.

4. Drill site will be prepared in good cooperation with the landowners

When trees are cut from a drill site, the landowner needs to be informed and compensation from the trees needs to be paid. Palsatech handles all the negotiations with the landowner. We collect the information while cutting the trees and calculate the costs accurately by using a computer program. We can also provide the trees to the landowner in whatever form they want, even firewood, and deliver it to the landowners doorstep. You will build a positive relationship from the start.

5. Drill sites will be clean and safe after the work is done

Our drill site service always includes cutting the casings, so this won't cause problems later on, not even in the winter time when moving into the area. We have extensive experience and high-quality tools for cutting casings.

Please contact Mika Alasuutari Tel. +358 40 514 4505 or email: mika.alasuutari@palsatech.fi