"Without compromising the quality. Respecting the environment"
"Gold worth information. Without expensive investments"
"All you need. And a little more"
"Less investments. More results"

About us

Palsatech Oy offers a unique and comprehensive service package for mineral exploration, mining and infrastructure construction.

“Gold worth information without expensive investments”

Our extensive service portfolio simplifies the customer’s upfront investment and work. With us, the customer gets the know-how, methods, space and equipment all in one place.

” All you need. And a little more”

We develop and innovate new innovations to help solve different problems.  Most recently, we have launched a roller table module to aid in studying drill core samples safely and ergonomically. 

“Without compromising the quality. Respecting the environment”

Our company values include providing quality service in a customer-oriented, safe and environmentally friendly manner. We specialize in research areas that are located in sensitive areas, and we always want to make sure that nature and biodiversity are taken into account during the work.