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Career stories: Riku Aho – Directing Palsatech’s international business

Riku Aho works as the managing director of Palsatech Global, a subsidiary for Finland-based Palsatech Oy. In the beginning, Aho’s work at Palsatech began in 2016 as a project geologist and his career at the company has included several different and varying tasks.

Aho’s job at Palsatech started as a geologist in several different mining and exploration projects, specializing in CU-Ni-PGE exploration and related geochemistry. In 2017 Aho began to involve into Palsatech’s market intelligence projects and started to coordinate plans for possible company expansion. Simultaneously he was working as a project planner and manager in geochemical sampling projects, taking part also in HR and customer acquisition.

Since 2020, Aho has focused solely on Palsatech’s international activities. The current task is to expand Palsatech’s business to new market areas, outside Finland. Work on this is already bearing fruit and Company is actively working in several new countries.

Aho’s responsibilities in the company have grown rapidly but at a steady pace. Aho feels that the steadily grown responsibility has developed the appropriate skills to work in the current role.

“It’s been great that I have had the possibility to get more responsibilities for myself at Palsatech, and that I have had the chance to participate in such different projects. All that together has given me good readiness for my current tasks.”

Working at Palsatech

Aho enjoys working at Palsatech and is delighted to have been able to work on variable tasks and gained valuable work experience.

“Palsatech has provided me a job I couldn’t have imagined doing at this point of my life. The work has brought me great social networks as well as a very diverse and valuable work experience from various tasks.”

Aho, who enjoys outdoor activities and cooking in his spare time, started his geology career in Norway in 2011, digging heavy mineral samples in a gold exploration project. Since that, he has been working in many different jobs in the field of geology.

Aho likes Palsatech’s work culture and atmosphere. While responsibility has grown, Aho enjoys the freedom and flexibility that the work offers.

“Compared to my previous jobs, working at Palsatech has been more independent and flexible and the work community more reliable.”

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