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Palsatech’s modern drill core logging tables – custom-designed for your needs

Palsatech’s drill core logging tables have been in use since 2016. Our tables have gone through a long process of development and testing, so we could offer the best possible logging experience. For optimal user experience, safety and ergonomics have always been the most important key factors in our design and manufacture.

Roller tables that we offer are always custom-designed for our customers. We find out exactly what kind of table options are best suited for our customers and their premises.

The most important advantages of Palsatech’s logging tables include:

  • Adjustable height of table modules
  • Integrated lifting unit – health benefits in the long run
  • Integrated lighting units – light is always in the right angle
  • Fixed camera stand – quality photos
  • Space-saving build
  • Durable construction
  • All our products are tested and CE-approved
  • The highest quality custom design

Our logging table models offer clear health benefits in the long run, when compared to more traditional ones. These tables are made for all kind of users. Table height can be adjusted anytime, which makes logging easy no matter how tall the user is.

Adjustable height and angle of the table make logging easy and pleasant for the user. Integrated sample box lifting device and drill core disposal unit reduce physical lifting and allows a person to handle full sample boxes without a risk for injury.

Our roller table modules also have possibility to integrate lights. Suitable and powerful lamps are integrated into the table producing steady and optimal lighting conditions for sample logging and core photography. Cable railings keeps floors clear of cables, which improves safety.

Inclined logging tables

Inclined logging tables are the most ergonomic option for drill core logging. Table is primarily angled to 40 degrees but can be adjusted to customers’ needs. Optimal working angle and adjustable height make working enjoyable and logging easier. Also, the length of the rollers can be adjusted. The standard length is 800 mm.

It is also possible to attach an orientation rack to these roller table modules. Adding orientation racks helps marking oriented core samples and makes structural logging of the core faster.

Electrically adjustable core logging tables

Electrically adjustable logging tables are Palsatech’s newest roller table model. These tables make drill core logging even more ergonomic and safer than before.

Adjusting the angle and height of the tables has never been this fast and easy. The height and angle of the tables can be adjusted smoothly by using the control panel.

Drill core disposal unit and sample box lifting device

Palsatech have developed several innovations to make logging easier and to reduce physical strain. Drill core disposal unit and sample box lifting device are great options to reduce physical lifting and make work a lot safer and more ergonomic.

A core disposal unit can be attached into the production line in targets where a significant amount of logged drill core is disposed after data collection (e.g. production drilling and logging in active mines). This unit makes disposal of drill core safe and extremely efficient.

Sample box lifting device is an ergonomic and safe option to help lifting core sample boxes. This device lessens physical lifting, which makes it a perfect device to reduce workers physical strain and the number of possible accidents or injuries at work. Sample box lifting device also improves work efficiency hence it allows a person to handle full drill core boxes alone without a risk of an injury.

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