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Palsatech’s multi-purpose machine for an environmentally responsible and safe route preparation

One of Palsatech’s newest acquisitions is a multi-purpose machine developed by Jarcrac in cooperation with Palsatech. The machine is ideal for preparing routes and drill sites for exploration in arctic environments. For example, in bedrock drilling projects the use of the device has substantially improved the occupational safety on site and the efficiency of staff and equipment logistics.

The machine has a crusher on its tail, which is used to flatten the trails. The crusher removes air from snow, allowing the route to freeze solid. Using this method durable and safe routes can also be made over soft and moist terrains, such as bogs, even for heavy equipment. The dozer blade in front can be used to fill trenches and brooks with snow or to remove objects from the routes.

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Jarcrac is a very agile vehicle, as its profile is very narrow and light. It weighs only 3,000 kg and is 2,05 meters wide. The narrow size is especially useful when working in forested terrains, as it substantially reduces the need of cutting down trees.

The multi-purpose machine is built to respond to safety and environmental requirements of mineral exploration activities on Natura 2000 -areas. Jarcrac’s double hull functions as a draining tray, disallowing any possible oil leaks from the machine reaching the environment. In addition, all hydraulic tubes are socked, and the device only uses biodegradable oils. The vehicle is transported to the site on a semi-trailer and comes with Palsatech’s highly trained operating personnel.

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Information about Palsatech’s multi-purpose machine:

  • Manufacturer: Jarcrac Forest Finland Oy
  • Official name: Jarcrac Multi (year 2020)
  • Type: Multi-purpose
  • Serial number: 022D5K
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 5 x 2,05 x 2,4 meters
  • Weight: 3000 kg
  • Ground pressure exerted: 136 g/cm2
  • Equipment: Dozer blade, rotary cutter, bio-oils in hydraulics, drainage pool under the engine compartment, closed fuel refueling system, oil spill kit, first aid kit, powder extinguisher x 2.
  • The vehicle is transported to the site on a semi-trailer and comes with Palsatech’s highly trained operating personnel.

Watch an introduction video of Palsatech’s multi-purpose machine below!

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