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Palsatech’s wooden containers for more efficient storage

Palsatech manufactures and utilizes the wooden containers it produces for storing geological samples. Wooden containers have facilitated the storage of samples and further improved the safety of the work environment.

In the past, we used EUR-pallets and their collars for packaging and storage. However, they cannot withstand weight when stacked on top of each other, which is why they posed an obvious safety risk in storage. Our wooden containers save space, increase the efficiency of the warehouse and improve occupational safety.

The wooden containers that we manufacture are durable and bring efficiency to storage. They allow stacking significantly more containers on top of each other than before.

We also deliver containers for your company! The containers are delivered transport-efficiently as elements. One pallet carries the elements for nine containers, which can be conveniently assembled on location with just a few screws.

If you’re interested in Palsatech’s wooden containers, please contact us:

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