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"Gold worth information. Without expensive investments"
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Palsatech Oy
Verkkokarintie 11
94900 Kemi


Riku Aho
Managing Director (Palsatech Global), international sales
+358 44 200 4727

Maiju Määttä
CEO (Palsatech Oy)
+358 44 035 5858

Hannu Ahola, M.Sc., FAusIMM
Chief Geologist
+358 41 504 7348

Mika Alasuutari
Chairman and CEO (Palsa Group Oy)
+358 4051 44505

Ossi Isotalo
Sales Manager (Palsatech Global), international sales
+358 44 7533702

Petri Talma
Chief Financial Officer (Palsa Group Oy)
+358 44 709 9702

Olavi Heikura
Director of Geology and Sample Processing
+358 40 6742027

Jouni Jaakola
Head of section – Field Operations
+358 50 360 8254

Bence Balogh
Operations Manager (Palsatech Global)
+358 401484686

Pavlina Radkova
Project Manager (Palsatech Global)
+421 918 694 513

Johanna Alasuutari
Director of Administration and
Human Resources
+358 40 707 8831

Anna-Kaisa Isojärvi
Project Coordinator
+358 50 384 9051

Henrik Mesimäki
Marketing Coordinator
+358 40 513 7334

    Addresses of our service centers:

    PalsaCenter Kemi
    Verkkokarintie 11
    94900 Kemi

    PalsaCenter Sodankylä
    Kairajuntintie 1
    99600 Sodankylä


    Billing information:

    Address of Palsatech Oy is:
    94900 KEMI


    Our company is able to receive invoices electronically. Please update this data found below into your customer database.

    Business ID (Finland): 2591403-6

    VAT identification number (Global): FI25914036

    E-invoicing address (Finland): 003725914036

    E-invoicing service provider (Finland): Maventa

    E-invoicing service provider ID (Finland): 003721291126

    Electronical Data Interchange ID (EDI): 003725914036

    Email invoicing address (Global):


    If you are not able to send invoices electronically, please send paper invoices to the following
    Palsatech Oy
    PL 100
    80020 Kollektor Scan

    To enable the scanning service to recognise your invoice, the invoice address is to be printed on the actual
    invoice, not only on the envelope. Use only black text. Send only invoices with attachments to scanning. Do
    not use staples.