"Without compromising the quality. Respecting the environment"
"Gold worth information. Without expensive investments"
"All you need. And a little more"
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Wide range of services for the needs of exploration and mining

Palsatech offers a wide range of services that benefits mineral exploration and mining companies. With us, the customer gets the know-how, methods, space, and equipment, all in one place.

Our services include:

A unique and comprehensive service concept has been developed to meet the demanding requirements of customers. With our services you neither need to invest in warehouses, equipment, and staff nor spend lots of time running the exploration project. This allows our customers to save money on developing the project.

Customer-oriented operation and extensive offering ensure that we are able to cover the various parts of your projects. We tailor the service package according to our customers’ needs – we want to make your project work.

Palsatech also has two exploration and mining service centers in Finland. The one is located in Kemi and the other in Sodankylä. PalsaCenters offer modern sample research and handling facilities with a storage option. Read more about PalsaCenters here.

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