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Field services

Exploration services in cooperation with Kati Oy

As our customer you can select the services you require of choose a comprehensive turnkey service package.

A new and unique service package. Field services and drilling through the same vendor.

  • Preparation of drilling site in the field
  • Tree removal and route construction
  • Tree damage notifications and settlements with landowner
  • Hole position measuring and marking
  • Storage and transport of core samples
  • Diamond drilling and hole deviation survey by Kati Oy

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Why does our field services make drilling easy, safe and fast?

  • The routes are completed and durability is guaranteed. We have the safest solutions and tools.
  • You have the best route in every terrain, planned and prepared.
  • The drill holes are located, aligned and marked with piles according to your drilling program.
  • Get your core samples to your facilities– we will organize a temporary storage for samples. We also deliver your core samples to your premises, lifted to logging tables and pre-proces if needed.
  • The drilling site is prepared in good cooperation with landowners. Palsatech can handle the communication.
  • Your drilling site will remain clean and safe when you finish your work – we always want to make sure that the nature and biodiversity are taken into account during and after the work.