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Logging tables

Efficiency and safety in drill core logging!

Palsatech’s core logging tables have gone through a great amount of research and development and have significant benefits compared to the traditional ones. Safety and ergonomics are the key points in planning and manufacturing of these table modules. Our range features both standard and electric logging tables, complemented by accessories like laptop desks.

Watch an introduction video of these table modules from this link (Youtube).

Why our tables stand out:

  • Safety-centric design: Our tables are meticulously crafted to prioritize user safety without compromising efficiency. No sharp parts and no cables lying on the ground.
  • Adapt to Your needs: Choose from our versatile standard and electric models. Read an article about our different logging table options and their add-ons.
  • Integrated lighting units: Light is always steady and optimal for sample logging and core photography.
  • Enhanced workspace: Complement your setup with add-ons, like our ergonomic laptop desks, designed for safe and comfortable use.
  • Flexibility at its best: Tables feature an adjustable 40-degree angle and customizable 800mm roller length.
  • Easy orientation: Our integrated racks ensure rapid, secure marking to expedite structural core logging.
  • Robust and durable: These tables are built of high-quality components and are made to last.

Palsatech’s electrically adjustable logging tables

The electrically adjustable logging tables are Palsatech’s latest logging table model. These logging tables will change the way you have used to log. Just use the user-friendly controllers and you can instantly change the angle and height of the tables. This innovation will make your core logging safer and more efficient.

With these tables, you can offer a perfect logging experience for every employee, as you can put the table to your preferred height and angle. Electric logging tables can also be super useful when you load and unload the boxes!

Roller tables
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