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PalsaCenter – Exploration and mining service center

PalsaCenter is Palsatech’s exploration and mining service center located in Kemi, Finland. Our service center offers modern sample research and handling facilities with a storage option.

PalsaCenter includes modern facilities for core logging, geotechnical measurements, core cutting, digitalization of drill core samples (hyperspectral, XRF), and sample storage – all under the same roof.

Your company can send samples to our service center where our geologists and geotechnicians take care of them. It is also possible to rent a private HUB, where you can work undisturbed and get our help when needed.

With PalsaCenter and its services, we offer to our customers an opportunity for enhanced operations, where facilities and services are used whenever needed.

Watch a video of PalsaCenter from this link (Youtube).

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Core storage service

  • Price per pallet – predictable costs
  • Safe and guarded storage service – guarantees the long- term use of  the sample material
  • Receiving and handling drill core samples

Sample processing and logging facilities

  • Modern sample logging facilities
  • Geotechnical measurements
  • Geological reporting
  • Core cutting
  • Rock mechanical research
  • Petrophysical measurements
  • Digitalization of drill core samples (hyperspectral, XRF)