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“Safety, environment and the exploration best practices forms the basis when Anglo American plan and execute geological field work in the Sakatti deposit. Palsatech Oy was a part of the Anglo American diamond drilling project in Natura2000 -area for three winter seasons. The way Palsatech operates fits well with Anglo American standards and brings important technical know-how to the field concerning safety and environmental issues. Together with a diamond drilling company, Oy Kati AB, Palsatech ensured a seamless workflow which made the project run efficiently and reliably”. 

-Janne Siikaluoma, Senior Project Geologist-Sakatti AA Sakatti Mining Oy

”I have been happily using Palsatech Oy’s various services at many occasions over the past years. In the ever-changing world of exploration and mining, Palsatech’s expertise and especially their flexibility of provided services has proven invaluable at times.

-Tommi Lehtilä, Boliden / Head of Section – Kevitsa Exploration

“As a young junior exploration company, gearing up for our ambitious second drilling season in Norway – a country where the mineral exploration industry and services are just emerging – we recognised the need to optimize every facet of our core handling process. From refining our procedures at our core logging facility to fine-tuning geotechnical logging and precise core cutting, every step was crucial. This is where Palsatech stepped in with their indispensable expertise and services.

Palsatech seamlessly provided us with the essential support we required. They delivered ergonomic rolling tables that seamlessly integrated into our workflow and introduced a cutting-edge mobile automated core saw unit that significantly improved our core cutting operations. In addition, they also stationed experienced geotechnicians across two strategic locations in Norway to facilitate our drilling programmes.

 Together with Palsatech’s assistance, we achieved a dramatic enhancement in our workflow efficiency and assay result turnaround. With these impressive results, we enthusiastically recommend Palsatech to fellow exploration companies in Norway seeking a reliable geoservices provider.”

-Team Kuniko, Kuniko Metals, Norway